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Harry/Draco 100
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This is a Harry/Draco 100 word drabble writing community. It works the same way as wednesday100 and hp100.


*A challenge is posted once every Sunday.
*Each drabble posted to that challenge must be 100 words exactly. No more, no less. That's the whole point.
*You may post drabbles outside that week's challenge, but please note that in your author's notes.
*Please use an LJ cut when posting more than one drabble.
*No off-topic posts are allowed.
*All drabbles must be related to Harry/Draco in some way. They may contain other characters, but it must be related to H/D in some way.
*All drabbles must be posted to the community. Links or 'fake' LJ cuts to other journals or communities will risk getting your post deleted.
*No chaptered drabbles. You can call them parts of a whole, but they all must stand alone.
*Any R or NC-17 drabbles, must also go behind a cut.
*Anyone can join and anyone can post as long as they follow the rules.
*Any specific questions can be directed to mizbean @ gmail.com or asked in that particular week's mod post.

Please use the following template when posting:

Subject: Title of Drabble.

Title: Title of drabble again.
Author: Your name
Word Count: Should be 100, obviously.
Other characters: Optional
Rating: Please post R and NC-17 drabbles behind cut.
Challenge: Please note challenge here. If drabble isn't written for the current challenge, please note that here as well.
Author's Notes: Please include subject matter warnings here.

Body of drabble.

If your post does not meet these requirements, it may be deleted without warning. Well, no, I'll probably give you a warning, but try not to make life hard. :)


mizbean and incapricious.